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# Idea
Nixcitizen is an attempt to package a wine application in a sensible and
practical way with nix. The idea that the `WINEPREFIX` is handled by a
script that lives inside the nix store which derives the `WINEPREFIX` from
it's own path inside the store, leading to a creation and setup of a new
`WINEPREFIX` as soon as the script, it's dependencies or any configuration
The volatile nature of the `WINEPREFIX` leads to challenges in regards
to preservation of needed state, this is handled in the following ways:
* The Application in itself and the Launcher folder containing the
session data are created in the users home directory and symlinked
into each prefix.
* Internal wine settings are handled as registry files and automatically
applied when a new prefix is created.
All dependencies are handled by wine. [dxvk](
is compiled with nix and copied into each prefix and fonts are handled in a
similar manner
# Installation
First clone this repository, then
## On nixos
* Put `(pkgs.callPackage ./path/to/repo { })` into `environment.systemPackages` or
`users.extraUsers.<name>.packages` or into your home-manager configuration packages
## with nix-env
* plz no!
## Installation parameters
* `installDir`: Contains the `Roberts Space Industries` folder that is being linked
into the `Program Files` folder of the prefixs.
* `launcherCache`: `AppData` folder of the launcher. Holds the session data.
* `prefixBaseDir`: Where all the prefixes are installed under.
* `binName`: Name of the generated executable.
* `launcherArgs`: Arguments the RSI Launcher is called with.
* `winePackage`: Package of wine to use.
* `wineGlobalEnv`: Global variables that are exported at script startup.
* `winePatches`: List of patches for wine for easier access.
* `virtualDesktop`: `NULL` or a string in the form `AxB` with `A` and `B` being
positive Integers that define the height and width of the wine virtual desktop.
* `registryFiles`: Additional registry files to add to each prefix.
* `captureMouse`: Whether wine captures fullscreen windows.
## Script parameters
* `--install-prefix`: Installs the prefix if needed.
* `--install-launcher`: Installs the launcher. Can be used to reinstall.
* `--clean`: Deletes all but the currently used prefixes of the game.
* `--remove-prefix`: Deletes the currently used prefix. Use with care.
* `--run-game`: Runs the game (after installing the prefix if needed). Default behaviour.
* `--print-prefix`: Prints the current prefix path.
* `--help`: Prints help text.
* `--wine`: Runs a wine executable inside the context of the script. Example:
`starcitizen --wine winecfg`
# Disclaimer
This repository does not host any copyrighted content. All contend is fetched
from official sources and is never redistributed by the author of this
software. It does not help in any way to cheat or pirate the game. A normal
account is still needed to install or play the game.